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Cat Boarding-Catnip Cottages

Catnip Cottages is a first-class cat boarding facility offering premium care for pampered pets. Each individual, enclosed, multi-storied Cottage is equipped with a private bathroom, kitty perch, comfortable bedding and a selection of feline toys. The Cottages are located on the second floor of the hospital away from the noise and bustle of the hospitalized pet ward. They are easy to sanitize and offer protection against the spread of diseases. One Cottage has a window view overlooking a telephone line full of birds and squirrels for hours of daily entertainment. Each Cottage can accommodate up to three cats from the same family. We can also offer the option of adjoining Cottages for larger familial groups. Your pet will be in a place that they truly enjoy and are safe in. Catnip Cottages offer not only the best in safe, stress free daily care but also the advantage of having veterinary medical services on premises. Please call the office for prices and reservations.