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Lisa Anne Attanasi, DVM

Dr. Attanasi owns Englewood Cliffs Veterinary, PA since January, 1998. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from Smith College in Northampton, MA before going on to veterinary school. She was inducted into the Veterinary Honor Society as one of the top students in her graduating class. She initially practiced at Triboro Animal Hospital in New York and at Long Animal Hospital in Charlotte, NC before finally locating in New Jersey. She is in the process of becoming a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist through the Chi Institute in Florida. She brings to her position decades of experience and continues to expand her knowledge. She loves what she does for a living and looks forward to helping you keep your pets happy and healthy.


Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Tufts University, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, 1992

Medical and Surgical Care for most species; Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine


Rachel Park, DVM

Dr. Park grew up in Fort Lee, NJ. She initially joined the practice as a Veterinary Assistant while she was attending Rutgers University and also while in veterinary school. In 2016 she returned to the practice as an Associate Veterinarian after doing an internship at Blue Pearl in New York City. Dr. Park brings her love of animals and enthusiasm for caring for them to the practice. She has an intimate familiarity with our office culture and will bring fresh perspective and updated medicine.


Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Tuskegee School of Veterinary Medicine, 2014

Medical and Surgical Care for Dogs and Cats


Claudia Castano

Claudia was born and raised in Palisades Park, NJ. She has been working at Englewood Cliffs Veterinary since 1999 first as a Veterinary Assistant and now as the Office Manager. Her duties are wide ranging and she keeps the hospital running smoothly.


She has a true sense of fairness and keeps us all on the straight and narrow.

She knows where everything is no matter how many years have gone by. She has a weakness for chihuahuas.

Katie Torres

Katie is our evening receptionist. She is the newest memeber in the office but we expect her to be up and running quickly. She will help our clients' pets go home in the evening with care, compassion and the important information they need to know when they get home.


Speaks English and Spanish.

Comes from a pet industry background so is able to educating owners on the care and handling of their pets.

She will welcome you with a smile and a happy attitude.

Camila Quintanilla

Camila will greet you with a smile on our crazy Saturdays. She is a college student who joins us one day a week to hone her employment skills. We hope when you are in on a Saturday that you share a happy face with her.


She is a college student who works with us on the weekend.

She is quick to smile and is good at juggling tasks.

She speaks English and Spanish.


Evelyn Mezian

Evelyn is the cat whisperer in the practice. She has such a calm demeanor and is able to give all the animals a peaceful place to be when she is restraining or caring for them. When we need a little calm in the storm she is the one we turn to.


Too many differnet kinds of animals in her life to list here.

Feeds feral cats down by the river and makes their lives better every day.

smokey the hospital cat

Michele Redman

Michele has been a member of the practice for multiple years. Her skills run the gamut. She can give surgical patients the closest shave with out damaging the skin and she is always ready to jump in and lend a hand. She has some truly great skills and we rely on those daily.


She is the best with handling our exotics. She is so gentle and confident with the smallest of our pets.

She has had a rabbit as her own personal pet.

Brittany Oriente

Brittany is a new team member. She has multiple rescue rabbits. She looks forward to getting to know our clients and their animal family members. Please help us in welcoming her.

Veterinary Assistant

Rabbits are her passion and she brings that to her job.

Is passionate about keeping the hopsital environment clean.

Cynthia Negron

Cynthia is a new team member. She comes to us from another animal hospital and is enthusiastic about learning some new skills as a veterinary assistant. Please join us in welcoming our newest member.

Veterinary Assistant

Quiet and calm and therefore helps the animals feel safe and secure.

Always brings a smile to work.

cat on stairs


Winx is our one-eyed big cat. He is always on a perpetual diet and spends his free time figuring out how to get more food. When there is no food available he chews on plastic medical equipment. We love the big goof anyway.


Lost his eye as a baby kitten.

Will always be a fat cat no matter what we do.

cat in box


Mouse is the youngest of the herd that we have. He is madly in love with Michele and on days she is not around he pines away for her. He has one bad habit.....he tears coats and bags just for the fun of it and sometimes the feathers inside them. His nemesis is Blue our hospital bird.


Scared of his own shadow.

He is a true hunter. It is in his DNA.